QR Codes

QR codes are things that I love for certain applications and find absolutely useless in others.


A neat thing I found is that you can connect to a wireless network with a QR code by making one using a website like qifi.org or the format from the wiki for the zxing barcode scanner.


Long complicated strings like Bitcoin addresses are perfect for QR codes. Neither parties need to type anything in, and it only requires scanning a code. It provides a great user experience and has definitely brought QR codes more mainstream.


There is no reason to store a website in a QR code as that URL could be anything. Could even lead to a potentially sketchy site if used with a URL shortener. If you have to create a QR code with a site, use URL shorteners that allow previews ( https://preview.tinyurl.com/cqvga for example ) so the scanning party can verify.

Other uses

There are many things that QR codes can do, including but not limited to:

  • Add contacts to your device (vCard)
  • E-mail templates (Using mail:)
  • Make a phonecall (Using tel:)

While QR codes certainly have their place, try not to overuse them!
Here is an example of the unknown website issue I raised.
Feel free to scan this QR code:
( or click on this completely legitimate link :-) )

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